Peace Under Fire

About the Book

A grumpy/sunshine, experienced/inexperienced, girl next door, enemies to lovers, second chance at love romance—with psychics!

With a missing—possibly dead—teammate, and a traitor running amok in SEAL command, Jacob Moore, aka Squish, doesn’t have time for complications. Certainly not a traumatic brain injury or a sexy, inexperienced neighbor. The last thing a sunny girl like Mandy needs is a dark cloud like him. Regardless of what she believes, he’ll just turn her bright world gray. So, he does her a solid and drives her away.

But when SEAL command’s mole torpedoes ST4’s next mission, Squish wakes up in the hospital with a throbbing head and a voicemail that changes everything. Mandy left him a warning. Turns out there’s more to his sweet next-door neighbor than shining brown hair and sunshiny eyes. There’s a bit of psychic to her too.

Mandy saw a bunch of stuff in her dream. She saw his buddy Lucky get taken by rebels. She saw the concrete block fall on Squish’s head. Did she see their traitor too?

Their mole sure thinks so.

And now the race is on to find and protect Mandy, before the traitor takes her out. Not an easy task when their spy knows everything they’re doing. But with a lot of help from his buddy Tex, as well as some new friends at a place called the Refuge, he might just keep Mandy alive.

And if he grovels hard enough, maybe she’ll give him a second chance.