Shadow Blind

About the Book

Navy SEAL Aiden Winchester is not okay.

 Shattered by loss and betrayal, he’s been thrust into a world where love, loyalty, and the fate of humanity intertwine.

When a devastating new weapon claims the lives of Aiden’s teammates, yet spares his own, he’s left grappling with the aftermath—broken bonds, a lost love, and a shattered career. Fate takes an unexpected turn when Aiden is rescued by his mysterious half-brother, Wolf, leader of a covert Native American special ops team operating from the enigmatic Shadow Mountain.

As Aiden unravels the secrets within the shadows, he discovers that the weapon’s threat is far more ominous than imagined, with the power to unravel the fabric of humanity. Guided by the base’s shaman, Aiden faces an urgent mission to thwart the weapon’s deployment, expose the shadowy culprits behind its creation—potentially his own superiors at USSOC—and reclaim the love of Demi Barnes, the woman he thought was forever lost.

A race against time ensues as the mastermind behind the weapon targets Aiden, determined to uncover the anomaly that spared him. In a desperate bid to save the woman he still loves, Aiden must navigate a perilous path, confronting enemies within and beyond the shadows.

Shadow Blind weaves a gripping tale of second chances, the bonds of brotherhood, found family, and a hero’s quest for redemption against the backdrop of a super-secret Native American special ops base. Will Aiden defy destiny and emerge victorious, or will the weapon consume him, the woman he loves, and the world around him? This electrifying blend of romance, suspense, and action will leave you breathless until the last page.

Are you ready to step into the shadows?