Trust Under Fire

About the Book

Navy SEAL Lucas Trammel is prepared for everything…except falling in love.

Hell, ask him to take out an al Shabaab enclave full of terrorists and he’s your guy. But love? Yeah…clearing a minefield is less dangerous. From day one, Emma Janssen has been an unwelcome temptation. Those soft curves, her thousand-watt smile…Did he regret that weekend? Hell no. But black ops and civilians don’t mix. He walked away for her own good. Now her life is at risk and she needs him.

And this time he’s not walking away.

He dumped her…broke her heart.

Seriously? He thinks he can waltz back into her life like nothing happened? Like she hadn’t lost her mind in his bed and her heart in his arms? No Way. Oh, she isn’t stupid—he owes her and she’s in trouble. So, she’ll accept his assistance. But with conditions…no touching, no kissing, no swaggering around the house in loose jeans and tight t-shirts.

And this time she’s keeping her heart under lock and key.